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About Shandrys Kennels

I have been breeding the Australian Terriers in New Zealand since 1988, probably a short time compared with many others.

My dogs are not kenneled. My dogs are part of my family, running free in the property and in the house, even sleeping indoors. We have a doggy door, so they are independent.

We go down to a bush area alongside a fresh water river every day and they disappear in the bush and enjoy their life.

Their main diet is Raw Meat, including green tripe, a good variety of meats, including chicken with veges, possum and fish, along with Mighty Mix Biscuits and their dog roll, chicken carcasses, necks and beefy bones – only the very best for my guys.

For their PMT they have A La Carte super premium kibble, which in my mind is the best.

I no longer export as can never be sure the lifestyle offered will be the right one as nothing is guaranteed. My dogs are too precious to risk their future in the unknown.

People say my dogs have great personalities and I believe this is because of the social life they lead.

I do not move my dogs on when they have “outlived their usefulness” They are my family and I love them all dearly, young and old, and I will cherish the old ones forever.